Hack Github Commit Graph

Step 01: Create a new repo.

Step 02: Create an empty folder on your computer.

Step 03: Select your expected commit dates and scroll down


Generate "Hack it!"

Copy / Paste

Step 04: Create a new file named dates.txt.

Step 05: Copy and paste the dates below in the dates.txt file.


Copy to clipboard

Execute bash

Step 06: Create a new file named dates.sh.

Step 07: Copy and paste the code below in the dates.sh file.


while read date
    fileName=`echo "$date" | tr " " "_"`
    year=`echo $fileName | tail -c 5`
    commitDate="$minimeDate 14:00 $year +0500"
    name=$(git config user.name)
    email=$(git config user.email)
    echo "Creating file... $fileName"
    touch "$fileName"
    git add "$fileName"
    git commit --date="$commitDate" --author="$name <$email>" -m "$fileName"
done < dates.txt

Copy to clipboard

Commit & push origin master

Step 08: cd to directory, run the bash and init the repo.

cd path/to/the/repository
git init

Step 09: Sync local project with github repository

git remote add origin git@github.com:your-username/your-project-name.git

Step 10: Push it local changes to master

git push --set-upstream origin master

Contemplate your graph